Song 82: "Simple Eyes" - Emanuel and the Fear

Simple eyes, no not mine,
but imagine the difference
of a child's life of nothing but dreaming.
All the while, I sit hoping to feel that again
after all I was once there before.
So he smiles at the girls
plucks one out like a flower
thinking maybe I've found something here.
But the night goes away and the girl aforementioned
she is pensive and defensive, asking questions
how many girls have you had in that loft up there

Now I don't mean to step across the line
but at the same time, I need to know if you'll be on my side
and do you know what it means for me to sleep up in your bed
each time hoping this is something
but it seems to you instead
to be no different from a meal you eat
but this one isn't dead, my lonely friend
I can't keep doing this,
I'm sorry but this has to be the end.

How can you think so hard and have so many rules
when life is nothing but a puzzle board
a picture that we move within, Listen
We're just the pieces of the world
to push together boys and girls
and you know that if you fit then you can stick together

But if you don't and try to push to hard
You just might bend the edge apart
and you'll never fit with anyone

Be damaged forever, never to be the same
as your freedom turns to loneliness, saying it
wasn't supposed to be this way.