Song 64: "But Tonight We Dance" - Rise Against

Breathe deep and easy, swallow this pride.
Stare at my shaking hands through bone-dry, blood shot eyes.
Clock strip the hours, I count the miles.
Will you be there waiting, awake until sunrise.

I have traveled in darkness, for what seems like days,
I, come from the sinkholes, collapsed under this weight.
I know not your sorrow, but I know mine,
So say you'll stay and dance with me tonight.

In the glow of twilight, our world is finally calm.
I felt it complete me, when the stars give way to dawn.
A language universal, but I speak not its tongue.
Is this a night that spans forever, or a dawn that never comes.

Tomorrow we might wake in servitude and silence
I will give you everything if only you would have me
Tomorrow we will sweat and toil,
Our hands will quiver caked with soil,
Tomorrow we'll give it one last chance,
But tonight we dance,
But tonight we dance!