Song 6: "Middle" - Pig With The Face of a Boy

No he don’t have time for no scientists
He says they don’t agree
Likes to spend his time on the internet
Shows him what he wants to see
He will take you out in his Jaguar
He’s a BA frequent flyer

He’s a middle-class, middle-brow, middle-weight, middle-aged
Climate change denier.

He talks about solar cycles
Says they’ll never make him pay
He says an Exon-funded study says
That everything’s okay
He loves to show you the emails
See how the liberals conspire

He says there's a war on the motorists
The economy needs cars
Gets his meat from farms in the Amazon
His opinions from Mars
He is right behind global warming
If our summers would be drier

His house is high on a hillside
He heats his patio
Says if the earth is getting hotter, yeah
Then whats with all the snow
Tries to speak like Jeremy Clarkson
Thinks that he’s the new Messiah

He’s not afraid of the future
When he won’t be alive
Says he’s worked so hard all his life for
The right to drink and drive
He respects you have an opinion
But tells you you’re a liar