Song 51: "Mañana Song"

There are many words in Spanish
That we would like to know.
Dictionaries there are scarce as
Roses in the snow.
But there is one word in Spanish
You never ought to miss.
So listen carefully and you will find
That it is this:

Mañana, mañana - that old familiar cry
Mañana, mañana - we'll hear it 'till we die

When will the kitchen have in stock
Grapefruit or banana?
Cook shakes his head and whispers lone
The magic word: "Mañana"
"Mañana si, ahora no. No tengo cambio.
Regancha, regancha, regancha. No hay, no hay, no hay."
Yo comprendo. Yo entiendo.
Hablo, hables, habla. Hablemo, habláis, hablan.