Song 344: "Liverpool Packet"

She’s a Liverpool packet
Oh, Lord let her go!
Bound away – ho! – Bound away – ho!
Through the ice, sleet and snow
She’s a Liverpool packet, oh Lord let her go

At the Liverpool docks at the break of day
I saw a flash packet bound west far away
She was bound for the west, where the wild waters flow
Oh the time of her sailing is now drawing nigh
Stand by all you lovers we’ll wish you goodbye
With a pair of clean heels to you now we will show
And now we’re a-leavin’ the sweet salthouse docks
All the boy and the girls on the pierhead do flock
All the boy and the girls they are shouting hurrah
And now we’re a-waiting in the Mersey so free
A-waiting the tugboat to tow us to sea
And we’ll round the Rock Light where the salt tides do flow
Now she’s home, haul your big topsails hold out your jib sheets
Oh she’s home for the night boys you’ll get no damn sleep
Come aft now god damn yours, come aft make a show
And now we’re a-sailin’ down the wild Irish Sea
Our passengers are merry, and their hearts full of glee
Our sailors like tigers they walk to and fro
And now we’re a-sailin‘ the Atlantic so wide
And the hands are now ordered to scrub the ship’s side
Now then, holystone boyos, ther bosun do blow
And now we are off the banks of Newfoundland
Where the bottom all fishes and fine yello’ sand
And the fishes they sing as they swim to and fro

And now we’re arriving in old New York town
We’re bound for the Bowery, and let sorrows drown
With our gals and our beer, me boys, we’ll let the song flow