Song 324: "Song of the Fishes"

Come all you bold fishermen, listen to me
While I sing to you a song of the sea

And it's
Windy weather, boys, stormy weather, boys
When the winds blow we're all together, boys
Blow ye winds westerly, westerly blow,
We're bound to the southward, so steady we go

First comes the blue-fish a-wagging his tail
He comes up on deck and yells: "All hands make sail!"

Next come the eels, with their nimble tails,
They jumped up aloft and loosed all the sails

Next comes the porpoise, with his short snout,
He jumps on the bridge and yells: "Ready, about!"

Next comes the swordfish, the scourge of the sea,
The order he gives is "Helm's a lee!"

Then comes the turbot, the scourge of the sea,
He shouts from the bridge: "Stick out that foresheet!"

Having accomplished these wonderful feats
The blackfish sings out next to: "Rise tacks and sheets!"

Next comes the whale, the largest of all,
"If you want any wind, well I'll blow you's a squall!"

Then comes the mackerel, with his striped back,
He flopped on the bridge and yelled: "Board the main tack!"

Next comes the sprat, the smallest of all,
He sings out: "Haul well taut, let go and haul!"

Then comes the catfish, with his chuckle head,
Out in the main chains for a heave of the lead

Next comes the flounder, quite fresh from the ground,
Crying: "Damn your eyes, chucklehead, mind where you sound!"

Along came the dolphin, flapping his tail,
He yelled to the boatswain to reef the foresail

Along came the shark, with his three rows of teeth,
He flops on the foreyard and takes a snug reef

Up jumps the fisherman, stalwart and grim,
And with his big net he scooped them all in