Song 315: "Foreign Skies" - The Dreadnoughts

We are the men of sweat and steel
we are the men the world denies
so now we walk abandoned fields
beneath these foreign skies

We're gonna join the bitter test
And though there's some will break and fall
There's nothing here but happiness
And duty's restless call

So it calls, but only to the chosen
to the boys who landed at Liege

meet me at the station
in the glory of the sun
into the arms by which the world was won

come on and wipe away your tears
and the memories bright and gay
the laughter of unclouded years
will slowly bleed away

staring at the stars above
underneath these foreign skies
we've never been so happy love
in all our goddamned lives

all our lives, have been for nought and wasted
all our lives, soon to be redeemed

meet me at the station
with a banner and a grin
we'll watch the sun go down
on old Berlin

and when it was done and we'd carried the day
I watched her life's blood go slipping away
and I stared down, into her cold blue eyes

sweet mother Mary, deliver your grace
deliver us all from the look on her face
and the screams
the long and desperate sighs

all our lives
have been a cruel secret
all our lives
a tender age in bloom

so I drink this final cup
and rest this weary head
and watch the waters rising up
to wash away the dead

and when we're rid of this disease
and we have won the prize
I never will return to these
foreign skies
(foreign skies)
(foreign skies)