Song 295: Mabel Grey

(The chorus, Malta, England and final verse were all written by Brown Bird, where the Shanghai, Rio and Valpo verses were all written by Sherlock Ehekatl)

We sail upon the ocean
On the decks of the Mabel Grey
And we search every port for a woman
For the woman who bears our ship's name

We landed our ship in Malta
And we looked for where good times are sold
And I've never met women so pretty
But I've never met women so cold

We headed to far-off Shanghai
We searched up high and down low
In ballrooms we kept an eye open
In gutters we reaped what we sowed

We made port in good ol' Rio
And we traded there what we could find
And I've never seen people so broken
A people who were truly blind

We took anchor in Valparaiso
And drank to our heart's delight
The women kept pisco flowing
The barroom gave a good fight

We landed our ship in England
'Cause we'd heard you'd been seen on their shores
But the people all said to keep movin'
That you were not allowed there no more

We have searched the world over to find you
And now that we have found you, you have changed
We are still the same crew of berserkers
That you knew, but maybe just a little more strange