Song 282: "Whisky Johnny, Ranzo Man"

Whiskey is the life of man
Whiskey, Johnny!
O, I drink whiskey when I can
Whiskey for my Johnny O!

If the river was whisky and I was a duck
I'd jump right in and I'd never come up!

Whiskey gave me a broken nose!
Whiskey made me pawn my clothes

I'll drink it hot, I'll drink it cold
I'll drink it new, I'll drink it old

Whiskey killed my sister Sue
And whiskey killed by brother too

O whisky up and whisky down
O whisky all around the town

Whiskey killed my poor old dad
And whiskey drove my mother mad

If whiskey comes too near my nose
It's up she comes and down she goes

Oh the mate likes whiskey, the skipper likes rum
The sailors like both but me can't get none

I wisht I knew where whiskey grew
I'd eat the leaves and the branches too

I thought I heard the old man say:
I'll treat my crew in a decent way

A glass of grog for every man!
And a bottle for the shanty Man


Oh, poor old Reuben Ranzo,
Ranzo, me boys, Ranzo
Oh, poor old Reuben Ranzo,
Ranzo, boys, Ranzo

Oh, Ranzo was no sailor
So he shipped aboard a whaler

He washed once in a fortnight,
He said it was his birthright.

Oh, Ranzo was no beauty
So he couldn't do his duty

Oh, because he was so dirty
The skipper gave him thirty

Oh, the skipper's daughter Suzy
Well, she begged her dad for mercy

Oh, she give him wine and water
And a bit more than she ought to

She gave him education
And taught him navigation

She made him the best sailor,
Aboard a Yankee whaler.

Well, he got his first mate papers
He's a terror to the whalers

Now he's known wherever the whalefish blow,
As the toughest bastard on the go.