Song 26: "South Australia"

In South Australia I was born
Heave away, Haul away
In South Australia 'round Cape Horn
And we’re bound for South Australia

So, haul away your rolling king
Heave away, Haul away
Oh, haul away and you’ll hear me sing
And we’re bound for South Australia

Well I walked outside one morning fair
And chanced to meet with Nancy Blair

Well I shook her up and I shook her down
I danced her ‘round and ‘round the town

Well I wish I was on a lonesome strand
With rum and whiskey all in hand

Now two old women lying on the sand
Each one wishing that the other was a man

And as we wallop around Cape Horn
You’ll wish to God you’ve never been born

Oh, South Australia is a bloody fine place
To get blind drunk is no disgrace