Song 175: "Buried in the Murder" - The Lonely Wild

I'm fed with livestock
Rain, grasses and grain
That I bought in a city
From another city that I
Cannot name

And I'll meet you for dinner
And we'll speak the same
What choice have we got
We kiss women who love us
And we love the same

These men that we're making
These men we've become
Who speak with conviction
But can't find the answers
When the day is done

Will we side with the same truth
When we've mined long enough
Will we stand up and see eye to eye
Once the wild has torn
Straight through our guts

We all
We all
In all

When I talk like a liar
When I've sold all my dreams
When I stand tall, like a monument
That's when you know that I'll never wash clean

Some wait for the whisper
Some wait for God
But it's never gonna be
How you want it to be
So, boy, just play along

'cause there's a truth
Buried in the murder
A man I want to know
So I can still look at myself
In the the mirror
And say, Hell, you know
Damn well the right way to go