Song 16: "Lioness" - Brown Bird

I've got my bearings set on you
But my course is all askew
So if I am lost at sea
Would you come and rescue me?

I know there are other fish out there
But you are not a fish
I'd be clear- you are a lioness

So I ride these waves full ahead
But I'd rather be back home in bed
With my lioness

And I will do my damn best
To get back to your lair
In this cold winter gale

The ocean is no longer blue
And I've got an hour or two
Until I land these shaky boards
On a shore of rocks and stone

I know that you've been waiting patiently
And I'll make it worth your wait for me
In our darkened den

'cause we've been working all day long
And though I have not seen you
You've been with me
In heart and in soul
Yeah, you've been with me
In heart and in soul