Song 147: The Stake

My grandfather Siset spoke to me,
One morning on the porch,
Looking out on a busy street
And the rising sun we did watch.
Siset, do you not see the stake,
To which we all are chained and locked?
If we cannot make it break
We will never be able to walk.
If we all pull at chain and stake,
Cannot be long before it breaks,
See how it's falling, falling, falling,
Look at all the cracks we've made.
If I pull, what do you see?
And if you do the same as me?
See how it's falling, falling, falling?
Any day now we'll be free!

But, Siset, how much time have we spent?
My strength, away it goes.
My poor hands the stake does tear and rend,
And it only seems to grow.
I know that the stake it is rotten,
But Siset, it has been too long
And my strength I have forgotten...
So I turn now, to your song.
Siset never said any more.
A bad wind took him away.
Where, only he will know,
And alone on the porch here I stay.
I watch the new young lads come along,
And to them with my voice I reach,
And sing to them Siset's song,
That last one that he will teach.