Song 100: "A Hundred Years"

Oh, a hundred years is a very long time
Oh yes, Oh
A hundred years is a very long time
A hundred years ago

Old Bully John from Baltimore
I knew him well that son of a whore

Oh, Bully John was the boy for me,
A bucko at land and a bully at sea.

Old Bully John I knew him well
But now he’s dead and gone to hell

He’s dead and gone forevermore
He’s gone and dead that son of a whore

A hundred years have passed and gone
It’s a hundred years since I made this song

Oh, when first I sailed across the sea,
My girl said she'd be true to me.

I promised her a golden ring,
She promised me that little thing.

They used to think that pigs can fly,
Can you believe that bloody lie?

They thought the stars were set alight
By a bunch of angels every night.

They thought the moon was made of cheese;
You can believe it if you please.

They hung a man for making steam,
They cast his body in the stream.

They thought the world was flat or square,
But old Magellan he never got there.

A hundred years here we go;
That's a hundred years through ice and snow.

I wish to God I'd never been born,
To go rambling round and round Cape Horn

Around Cape Stiff where wild winds blow,
Around Cape Stiff through sleet and snow.

Around Cape Horn with frozen sails,
Around Cape Horn to fish for whales.

Well my old mother she wrote to me
Me darling son come home from sea

It's up aloft this yard must go,
For mister mate has told us so.

Well I thought I heard the first mate cry
That bleeding top main sheave is dry

I thought I heard the old man say,
That we was homeward bound today.

I thought I heard the skipper say,
Just one more pull and then belay.