A podcast is a form of internet media where one or more people use audio to convey ideas and information. It comes from the term "radio broadcast" and was derived for the idea that people would use their gods-forsaken Apple devices, "iPods" to listen to them. Regardless of preference of listening devices, podcasts now number in their hundred thousands, anything from politics to pop-culture to science, from scripted to unscripted to pointless rants.
Here at DWS we specialize in unscripted podcasts dealing with history, politics, and our own version of pop-culture.
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How to Listen

Our podcasts can be found on this website as well as the websites below:

Email us about a podcast aggregator we should add our feeds to: detectiveworkstudios@gmail.com


Our podcasts take a long time to research, record, edit and upload to you. We would love it if you would give us some form of compensation for our efforts and time. It will strictly go to improving your experience!